Little Buddy Yoga

Little Buddy Yoga connects the child’s mind, body and spirit to facilitate learning. Through music, storytelling, creative play and other arts, we engage children to explore the fun path of yoga. Our program creates an atmosphere that encourages children to relax and have fun while developing strength, coordination, flexibility, balance as well as building body awareness and self-confidence. Yogis participate in weekly sessions that feature developmentally appropriate yoga exercises designed to teach yoga terminology, poses and meditation techniques. Yoga is open to all children ages 3 through 6.


Class Schedule

Yoga runs through the school year, September—May. Children may enroll at any time and will remain enrolled unless Launch Your Kid is notified to discontinue enrollment.

Charlotte Schedule
Raleigh Schedule


On average, Yoga is $40 a month for a 30-minute weekly class. You must register for recurring payment by credit or debit card. View our payment policy. Please note some schools may charge us a rebate/fee to use their facilities therefore tuition may be slightly higher at some locations.

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Yoga Mats & Attire

All your yogi needs for class is a yoga mat and comfy clothes! Comfortable, flexible clothes are recommended.

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School-Paid Program

We love working with schools as their contracted Physical Education or Movement program and offer special discounted rates. Please contact us for more information.

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