Daisy Dance

Daisy Dance is a ballet, tap and creative dance program designed to teach children a life-long love of movement and provide a foundation for all dance genres. Dancers participate in weekly sessions which include ballet and tap technique, movement patterns and games, and dramatic play. We welcome ages 2½ through age 5—girls and boys!


Class Schedule

Daisy Dance runs through the school year, September—May. Dancers may enroll at any time and will remain enrolled unless Launch Your Kid is notified to discontinue enrollment.

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Dance Uniform

Dancers are asked to have real ballet shoes and tap shoes for class. Leotards and tights are optional but worn by most dancers. We offer a uniform package on our Shop page to make this easy for you.

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Daisy Dance provides two parent-viewing opportunities throughout the school year. Parents are invited to attend an informal mid-year demonstration in December, held during your child’s regular dance class. Our annual spring recital is held each year in May. Recitals are held on-site at your child’s school or recreation center. No costumes are required.

Recital FAQs & Schedules


On average, Daisy Dance is $50 a month for a 30-minute weekly class. You must register for recurring payment by credit or debit card. View our payment policy. Please note some schools may charge us a rebate/fee to use their facilities therefore tuition may be slightly higher at some locations.

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