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Daisy Dance provides two parent-viewing opportunities throughout the school year. Parents are invited to attend a class mid-year, Come Dance With Me Day in January during your child’s regular dance class. Our annual spring recital is held each year in May. Recitals are held on-site at your child’s school or recreation center. Costume pieces are provided by Launch Your Kid and require no additional cost. Daisy Dance Homepage»

2018-2019 Spring Dance Recital Schedules

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Charlotte Schedule
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Raleigh Schedule

Dance Recital FAQs

Do I need to purchase a costume for the recital?
No! Your dancer can wear her regular dance attire for the recital. However, all dancers must have ballet and tap shoes for recitals. Please check your dancers shoes for proper fit and order new shoes from our shop if necessary. We also have some fabulous new dance-wear available online if you would like to have your dancer feel extra special on her recital day :)

When and where will my child's recital be held?
Each class will have their recital at the location that her class is held. The complete date and time schedule is available on our website. In addition, your dancer will be bringing home a cubby note in March that will list the specific date and time of her recital.

Can we invite other family members such as grandparents to attend the recital?

Absolutely! Your dancers have been working so hard all year, and we are excited to demonstrate all they have learned.

How long will the recital last?
Each recital will last approximately 15-20 minutes. At the recitals, dancers will perform a ballet and/or tap routine and some of our favorite warm-up songs and dances.

Does dance class continue through the month of May?
Yes! All schools dance throughout the entire month of May regardless of your recital date. Some schools will continue dance year-round and some schools take a break for the summer months. Detailed information on if your school continues after May will be announced at your recital.

Recital Gifts

Reward your hard working dancer and help her feel extra special on her recital day with a fabulous new item from our shop. Leg ruffles, tutus, and more! Please make sure to allow two weeks for processing and shipping. Daisy Dance Shop »

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